Utah Mission Trip (04/05/21)

It was this day, being Monday and most people being at work, it was important to go places where we could reach the most people for Christ. This happened to be at the Provo and Salt Lake Temples. We started off at the Provo Temple and began our outreach by talking to a gentleman named Connor. He was a security guard for the Provo Temple area and Missionary Training Center. We saw him going up and down the sidewalk while monitoring the grounds. Here we saw this as a golden opportunity to share the gospel with him. And the amazing thing was that he was very interested in what we had to share with him. It was in that hour that we shared the importance of the cross and the resurrection. How the penalty for our sins happened with Jesus’s death on the cross, not in any other place like Mormons teach with Gethsemane. Unfortunately, the Gethsemane teaching is found only in their church and is not substantiated in the Bible. We helped him understand that if any teaching goes against or adds to the Bible, then it is false. We went through so much with him, even the fact that the Book of Abraham is found out to be false according to the “Translation and Historicity of the Book of Abraham“ article on their church’s website. If this is true then the teachings therein about the preexistence, multiplicity of gods, exaltation of men, are also considered false. This we explained and much more, and he couldn’t deny what we said, but said he would do some research on these things afterward. He was so moved by the conversation that he gave me a big hug at the end. Amen.

After this encounter, we made our way to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. And as we made our rounds walking around the temple, we talked with five different sister missionaries couples. Each one of our encounters went wonderfully. We helped each one of them understand the importance of the cross. How they are missing the cross in their church. That the penalty for sin happened when Jesus died on the cross and not anywhere else like Gethsemane. Believing in the atonement in Gethsemane takes away from the true meaning of the cross. They talked about the book of Mormon and encouraged us to read it, as we encouraged them to read the Bible. However, we told them to be careful with reading any book that would go against or add to God’s Word, the Bible. And out of much love and respect, we left them with the truths of the gospel.

It was later that we preached the good news of the gospel message of the cross and resurrection at the train depot. I preached first and then Patrick began also, like the day before. It was then that a homosexual couple came up to me, like the day before, but a different couple. Not only were they interested in knowing if homosexuality was a sin in God’s eyes, but allowed me and later Patrick to share the good news of the cross and resurrection with them both. Of course, we told them what the Bible says and that it is a sin. How people are in error when they do it, according to Romans 1. How they are without natural affection. Then, we began to answer their questions about the afterlife. Where I told them about my visions of seeing the great white throne judgment and the second coming of Christ. That we can only go to two places when we die, heaven or hell, and that we wished they would go to heaven also. The amazing thing is that they both believed in Jesus but needed to only come to Him in faith. This we encouraged them to do throughout the hour and a half that we talked with them. And although it got cold out fast, the time with them was amazing. I had never shared so much truth about the gospel and other scriptures with homosexuals before. They were so ripe for the harvest and one of them even prayed to God with us. I gave them my devotional cards and prayed that they would come to Christ fully surrendered to Him. They were so happy throughout our time with them and even gave us both hugs. When we were leaving, they told us how amazed they were that we were not judging them in their sins. Amen.

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