Utah Mission Trip (04/04/21)

Today was a magnificent day unto the Lord. To put it plainly, Patrick and I have been coming out to Utah for the last 5 years and today may have been more fruitful than any other day in the past. It could also have been how we approached the day this time than in times past. You see, in the past we did a lot of street preaching and 1-on-1 witnessing with people, which is fine, but this time we did the good ol fashion door knocking. And it went so good that what I will be writing on now won’t even give it justice. From about 11:30 in the afternoon till 7:00pm we went into three different neighborhoods. The first one, we talked to a few different people but the last people in that neighborhood were strict Mormons and didn’t want to hear us talk. Whenever we tried to tell them something about the cross, temples, prophets, and the book of Abraham, they didn’t want any of it. It got heated at the end when their faith was being challenged, so we left that as soon as we could.

Now, the next neighborhood we went to went delightfully well. We saw a jump house and kids playing in it, while some ladies were getting a table prepared outside. It was then that we began to share the gospel with the younger lady. She was very receptive and was overjoyed to hear the Easter message of the cross and the resurrection, and even gave us some both water bottles. Thank You, Lord for her kindness. We then went around the corner and saw some people barbequing chicken. God then led us to talk to them as soon as possible. This is when we were able to share the gospel of the cross and resurrection freely. They received the message with great joy, and even invited us over to eat with them. We had chicken rice, a potato, and water. It was so good. Praise God for their hospitality.

It was after that, that we knocked on a gentlemen’s door, who was a Baptist. His faith was up and down, but we assured Him that through Jesus in His life, that things would get right back on track again. We also shared the Easter message of the cross and resurrection, and He was so grateful to receive it. He told us that He was blessed to get the Easter message delivered to his house in person. Now, the last neighborhood was filled with more people to share the gospel with. One lady answered the door, who was a strict Mormon but also was very receptive to our message of the cross and resurrection. With joy did she and her family answer our questions and also allowed us to pray with her. She was very loving and kind to us. We then rounded the corner and talked to more people who very receptive and kind also. However, two houses later was the game changer to the entire day. These last two houses truly led us to God’s elect, much like the previous encounters in the last neighborhood.

It was the next door we knocked, that we talked to a man who had recently had a stroke. It was then that I got a vision of sitting down in chairs with him in front of his house, while witnessing with him and Patrick. And soon after this vision came to mind, he went and sat in a chair and told us to grab a chair also to talk to him. Wow. Praise God. Just as God told me. Then, we began to tell him the importance of the cross, of which he didn’t care for. That the Bible says, that “the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Corinthians 1:18) This he still didn’t understand. Patrick tried to explain to him the importance of justice and how Jesus took our place while the cross, as He suffered and died. That Jesus paid the penalty for sin that we could not do on our own. He could not grasp this until the end. It was after we mentioned that people that go to hell deserve it, the concept of justice started to click. I also told him why I left the church and that the book of Abraham is now considered false, according to the LDS website. He was interested in that as we read it from his church’s site. We also mentioned how in the book of Mormon, God cursed the white-skinned people with black skin because of their wickedness, while calling them loathsome. He was amazed to see this. We mentioned the verses also, but all in all, it went great. He appeared to be hungry to learn. Praise God for that amazing encounter.

This last encounter, while in that neighborhood, we will never forget. Imagine walking to a house where a man is holding a Bible, sharing the gospel with his nephew. This was happening and in Spanish. Then, when we got there, two young men in their early twenties were sitting on a bench. One spoke mainly Spanish, of which the other gentlemen holding the Bible would interpret what we said to them. So we explained the importance of the cross and the resurrection, being the Easter message. How there is an urgency to get right with God also. That only through Jesus can we be saved and not through any other religion. They had so many questions, and through the Holy Spirit, we were able to answer them all. The Bible, plus the Holy Spirit, were the best resource we had in answering their questions. As we talked with them, these Bible verses just flowed out of our mouths, most of them were even word for word. Only God could do this and bring the spirit among each of them and in us. God touched these two young men that day, and before we left, both of them were ready to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If that happened, we don’t know but trust that these seeds that we planted will germinate in their hearts. What an awesome day. This is the kind of day that I will never forget. It being the best day I’ve ever had while serving a mission in Utah these last five years. Praise God.

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