A Most Special Time On The Streets

My friends, God has put this on my heart to share with you all a very personal experience I had with a homeless lady recently. This encounter happened on 01/18/2020 and up until today I was going to keep this to myself, but the Holy Spirit kept telling me otherwise. I can’t tell you how many times I have been prompted to tell people about this encounter and now I know why. You see, the time I had on the streets that Saturday and then with this lady was different than any other experience while in God’s harvest, than ever before. That day I was not alone, but the Lord was with me. Even during my time preaching and teaching on a street corner about Jesus, I was able to witness personally about the Lord and His love to a young man named Simeon, who was Mormon. I also had a handout that described the differences in their faith, compared to the Bible, and he was eating it all up. In the end, he was begging me for the handout, in order to take it home and look at it more in detail. So I gave it to him and hugged him before he left. He was with a lot of friends and they also got the gospel message of Jesus, namely the cross and the resurrection. I was also able to answer their different questions on smoking, doing drugs, having illicit sex, homosexuality and other things. My answers did not come from my own knowledge, but what the Spirit had me speak. We even read a portion of 1Romans 1 together, in order to understand how vial and wicked homosexuality is in God’s sight. We also read from 21 Corinthians 6, in order to know how bad fornication is in God’s sight also, for it and homosexuality will keep a person out of heaven. As for smoking, doing drugs and drinking, I explained that we are called to be sober-minded, that we should not quench the Spirit. Therefore, I told them that we cannot do these things if we love God.

This then gets me to my encounter with Bess, this amazing homeless lady. As I was walking back to my car that day, I saw this lady, who I had seen before. However, I knew right away that her need was more pressing than other times. Upon talking with her, she explained to me that she didn’t need food, water, but money for a heater. And at first, I answered saying that I don’t carry any cash on me, which I don’t. But then, I asked God if I should just take her with me to the store and pick it up with her, and immediately the Lord said yes. So I then told her that I would love to take her to a Walmart and get her one if she would like to ride with me. She then said, “yes. Thank you so much for doing this.” I then said, “it is no problem at all. Since God has blessed me with much, I have much to give.” And then as we got to my car I opened the trunk to put my backpack in when she saw all the blankets, gloves, hats, waters, Bibles, and gospel tracts. She also asked me what all this was for. I said, “for the homeless. That I didn’t want anything for Christmas this year, but things I could give to the homeless.” She couldn’t believe it. I then told her that I’d love to give her a blanket before she leaves. So she picked one out that was blue. On the way to Walmart she wanted to hear my story of coming to Jesus, which I told her. That the Lord God had changed my life. That I was once into pornography, and in an adulterous affair, but then after praying to God in all my brokenness, that He answered me by putting His arms around me. He even told me in my car the next day that my sins were forgiven. She then cried with me and said that she had never seen a person like me before. My response was, “since God has done a mighty work in my life, it is now my turn to help others in need.” She couldn’t believe it.

So we first went to a few stores together, which I was able to help pay for what she needed, but we will focus our time on Walmart. Upon entering the store, we made our way to the isle where personal heaters were shelved. She then pointed out the one that failed for her and even made some sparks, almost lighting her tent on fire. This got me moved to know the danger she was in, so I looked until I found the best heater available. She then looked at me and said, “people often give me the cheapest things, but you are giving me the best things. Why is this?” As she was in tears. I told her that Jesus is moving in my life now, and all I want to do is bless people. If I deserve good things in life, then I ought to give good things to others. So after we talked a little, we made our way to the food isles. Of which she found some bread and other items she could eat. I was hoping to bring her out to a restaurant, but she was not interested in that. Anyhow, our time here was amazing. You see, when we go out of our way to help someone, by paying for their needs, God loves it. He loves a generous person, and that is why He worked through me in showing this generosity to her. As Paul said, 3“every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” (2 Corinthians 9:7) This is so true, and any person that is loving on God and reading His Word daily will understand this fact personally. Now, before this day ended, I was able to share the gospel with her and also pray with her. The Spirit was so strong in the car, and while we were in different stores together. This is because God was with us. It was very hard to see her go at the end, but I knew that she was now in the hands of God and His angels to bear her up. My friends, we are called to be like Jesus, and that is who God made me out to be that day for this woman and young man, while on the streets. God bless you.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I love You and only want to do Your will. It is when You are working inside of me is when I am the happiest. Not when I am receiving something, but when I can give myself and things to others. This is true love and joy. Lord, You have taught me that I don’t need things in life to be happy, but only what I can give brings me happiness. Truly, Your teaching on the two greatest commandments has hit me like a truck would. I now know that as I love on You, that I should also be loving upon others, even my enemy. So when people have done bad things to me, I will still show them kindness as You do to those that have hurt You but have repented later. You have taught me that forgiveness is not only sought after from us to You but from others to us that need it. So how can I be so insensitive and not say sorry myself, and forgive others when You do this for me every day of my life? And Lord, when I see people in need, I can’t control myself but run to turn to them for assistance. It saddens me deeply to know that someone is suffering and needs help. This is Your love and compassion speaking through my life, which You made for me. I am able to understand what love really is like because the Holy Spirit is with me. For this reason, I am happy to purchase whatever is possible to help a homeless person or pay for someone’s groceries in the store, who is struggling. So lead me to those people that are in more need than myself. Give me the courage to speak to them, that I may not only help them but lead them to know You, Jesus. It is my prayer that every person that I help, will also develop a personal relationship with You. I do not only want to see people get well and get the help they need but also be prepared to meet You one day in heaven. Amen.

Let us read the Bible:
Note: Any Numbered References, found above, are listed below.

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14 And by their prayer for you, which long after you for the exceeding grace of God in you.
15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

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