Mormonism And Works For The Dead Exposed

Who has the right to save people in this life when it comes to going to heaven? People on earth or Jesus? Of course, Jesus, but not in the eyes of Mormons. Because they have become so deceived by their false prophets and their extra-biblical books, they now believe they are able to save dead people who have died. Instead of people dying and waking up in hell, they say NO to this core belief in Christianity and lump these people into a Spirit Prison instead. They say that because they didn’t have the opportunity to become a Mormon in this life, they will have a chance to be in the next. It isn’t about Jesus, but accepting a baptism they perform for them behind the scenes in their beloved temples. But it doesn’t stop here. These workers of iniquity attempt to find all the records of these individuals, including their spouses and kids, and do endowments for each of them. Then comes marriage sealings for the couple and their family. In the eyes of these people, they aren’t doing anything wrong. They even say that God would do the same things if He was on earth. Notice how this is not Biblical, but still so true in the eyes of these lost and so deceived people.

What is happening here? Mormons are putting on their god hats when entering their temples and doing work for dead people. They don’t realize there are dire consequences to their actions in the next life. To purport a lie that says dead people have second chances after they die and can go to heaven, causes these deceivers to wake up in hell when they die. Paul spoke of this great deception and said, “beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” (Colossians 2:8) What they think is innocent is an abomination to God. God’s wrath covers LDS temples in the people therein. Now, let’s help these lost people know the truth. God has given every person a chance to be saved. This is through visions, dreams, miracles, Christian encountered in life, and more. God is not cruel as to cause innocent people to die and go to hell. Even if they just knew the name God, but worshipped Him as Jesus because of a vision, they are saved. Who is it for us to interfere with God and His judgments, or salvation? This evil practice of works for the dead needs to stop. It is so wicked. Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray for the lost people in Mormonism. They are so deceived and don’t even realize it. How can they put on their god hats when entering their temples and think there are no consequences? What is sad is that they teach and tell people outside their cult that only their church is true. How Your church was restored to the earth, of which all other churches are part of a great apostasy. God, I have asked the missionaries in their church, including their members, what was in the original church that had to be restored and they always give answers to things that never existed in the early church. They say things like baptisms for dead people, priesthood for men, prophets leading the church, atonement in the garden teaching, and more. Do they not realize the Bible teaches that there are no second chances after death, and how only You hold the priesthood now, Jesus? Prophets don’t lead anyone like in the Old Testament, for You lead the church, Jesus. And for them to take away from the importance of the cross and say that the payment of sins happened in the garden is such a wicked and vile teaching. I rebuke them in Your name, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.

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  1. Jesus sets us free. Cults imprison people in one way or another. For Mormonism, they demand 10% of income. For them to win the prize and go to the Celestial Kingdom, They have to not only pay their tithe, fulfill the calling the church gives them, attend church and meetings during the week. On top of that, the spend hour looking up dead relatives to be baptized for. The Church steals both they money and their time. Jesus asks only faith in him. Out of love, we spend time in his word and in prayer. We go to church to worship and learn of him. No one tells us how much to give or that we must perform certain jobs in the church. Through faith alone, we are promised eternal life. Jesus sets us free to worship him and live our lives in such a way to honor him as we are led.


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