Utah Mission Trip (10/05/20)

Praise God for another great day in His harvest. We started our day at the Provo Temple and talked with two different women about the gospel. We brought up some great points when it comes to their being no more need for prophets, who the people look to for guidance, anymore. As it is spoken by Jesus that the law and prophets ended with John and how in these last days we are spoken to by Jesus and not prophets. That God no longer dwells in temples made with hands, since we are not the temple of the living God. And if there is no need for temple buildings, then there is no need for marriage sealings or baptisms for the dead. And this goes along with what Jesus said about us not being given into marriage because we will be like unto angels who don’t marry. This means that we will not become gods, as Mormons think, for we are like unto the angels, but not angels themselves. This we shared and one lady said to us, “man, I really need to start reading the Bible more” and was grateful to talk to us. The other lady was very convicted by what we said and even got upset for a minute. It wasn’t until she realized we were speaking with her because we both and God love her, that she was very happy from there on out. We prayed for both of these ladies and we left them encouraged knowing our purpose was genuine to speak with them.

Later on, we went to Salt Lake and preached the gospel in the train station near the mall and in a park. There, an older Hispanic lady was listening and then also got excited to preach the gospel also. So I gave her the microphone and she began to share her love for Jesus and how He saved her life. In both places, the Holy Spirit was with us also, as with those women earlier. And although some people didn’t like the message, one man came up to us and was very appreciative of what we were doing. He also prayed with us for salvation. Now, before heading back to the house, we drove up to a haunted house in order to witness. And man oh man was it a wicked site. You could sense the demonic spirits there. Anyhow, we both preached and I also talked to a man who was a catholic, of which saw no issues with the haunted house. He also said that worshipping Mary was ok, which is so wrong. And that a Mormon was in charge of this abominable haunted house, which made perfect sense. Praise God for this night. Thank You, Lord, for another wonderful day in Your harvest.

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