Utah Mission Trip (10/08/19)

The day started with us walking inside of the Temple Square area, near the temple, where we talked with three different individuals. The first being an older gentleman, then an older woman, and lastly a younger age man. They were all very kind to talk with. Each of them wanted to help answer our questions about Mormonism. Now, since we were on their ground, we decided to go on the lowdown with questions, in order to not cause contention. The first gentleman explained to us that we needed more than the Bible. The Bible plus modern-day revelation would lead us to truth and not just the Bible. This we questioned, but he continually brought up the need for modern-day prophets and their revelation to guide people. We tried to explain that we only need Jesus now, but he didn’t care to listen to that. Anyhow, it was a great time with him, he was just very deceived in thinking that the Bible was not good enough. The second person was also nice. She tried to answer our questions about temples and directed us to the Mormon missionaries to answer more of our questions. So our questions about baptisms for the dead, she couldn’t answer much but directed us to people that could.

As we were going to continue walking, this other gentleman came up to us and said he was willing to answer any of our questions. So with that said, we laid down our concerns about temples and baptisms for the dead. We explained that Jews would say that this is not God’s temple, for it should only be built in Jerusalem. Although, we know that God doesn’t even need temples made with hands anymore, as we are the temple of God. Now, the thing that we talked about the most was baptisms for the dead. How by doing this, it is calling up the spirits of the dead, of which the Bible speaks against. This is called spiritism and is equivalent to palm reading and such. In his response, he thought that praying for those that have passed on was Ok, even though the Bible says to do nothing of the sort, for it is an abomination to God. After this, Luis and this man went in-depth about this topic and it got very heated. So before security got called, Patrick and I walked away from the situation, of which Luis soon did the same. Praise God that we did this, for it probably wouldn’t have ended well.

After that experience, Patrick and I went our way and Luis went another way, in order to reach more people for God. We were going to do go to the visitor’s center and take a tour, but nobody was doing tours today. In that case, we decided just to witness to people that were coming and going from the conference center and the temple. One young man was coming from the temple when we stopped him, in order to talk to him. It was at this time that we went over the fact that Mormonism is another gospel and is deceiving people. Generally, we would get to this fact later, but with Him, it was like God was calling me to convict him sooner than later with the truth. After saying that, we explained that we are the temple of God and not buildings any longer. And how the ordinances and covenants that we once used to make in the Old Testament was done away with, with the cross. Jesus took upon himself those things and others while paying the price for sins. We also talked to him about many other things, including the need to follow Jesus and not prophets. How we need to be following the teachings and doctrines of Christ from the Bible, and not anything additional or contrary to it. After this, he seemed very genuinely interested, so we asked if he’d like to pray for salvation, in which he said no.

After this man said he was not interested in praying with us, Patrick explained what that meant and then I hurried off to speak to a young woman that wanted to talk to us. I did this and explained the need to follow Jesus and to know His true gospel, which is that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and was resurrected the third day. She then had to leave. So before I could get back to Patrick and that guy we were talking with. I met up with three older sister missionaries. With them, I was able to explain what Christians believe in, and how it is way different than Mormonism. For we rely on the Bible, but they rely on the Bible. plus their other books, plus their prophets, and modern-day revelation. And because of this, they are left believing in things that their prophets say, but the Bible is quiet or doesn’t mention at all. So they have these extra-Biblical teachings about temples, eternal marriage and such, even though prophets were never to be God’s mouthpiece to the people any longer, since that mantle was until John the Baptist, along with the covenants of the tabernacle of the laws of Moses. We now look to Christ, as He is who gives us direction in these latter days. Prophets are still here through the gifts of the Spirit, but they and other people with gifts all work together in the body of Christ, His church. After hearing this, they had to go, so I went back to Patrick and the guy he was still talking to. That continued on and he was again very open to the truth of God. With that said, he took the “Mormon Teachings that don’t agree with the Bible” handout and my devotional card.

After this last encounter with this man, we talked with a few other people, which also went wonderfully. I really wish I could unfold to you everything that happened today and this entire trip, for God, is amazing in how he works in the hearts of people through His witnesses. God is good, my friends, and I praise Him for this day and the days we’ve already had in His harvest. It is sad to end this trip here, but we will be back in April for another trip back to Utah. That time cannot come sooner. God bless you.

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