Utah Mission Trip (10/06/19)

As the day began, I thought it would be important to begin preaching about Jesus’s love. So I told everybody that passed by that Jesus died for our sins. How He is our Savior, Lord, and God. How we ought to be seeking Him not only daily but every hour of our day. Because only through Him can we be saved, not prophets, but for Him alone. And after preaching on the love of Jesus and how He paid the price for our sins on the cross, that we could be forgiven, many people started to say Amen, as they passed by. The message was simple but so important about following Jesus and making Him our main focus in life. Then, would we be on His path of righteousness. As I preached, I spoke to this middle-aged man, who was very kind. We hit it off immediately in our discussion. I talked about making God the Lord of our lives and not other things, of which he agreed with. He liked that I was telling the people this so that they could prioritize what was most important in life. However, Patrick came along and tried to talk to him and he didn’t want anything of it. Although Patrick tried to help him understand the truth of the gospel and not follow any other gospel, he said he needed to go, while getting upset. This was too bad since he could have learned a lot if he had just continued to listen to what he and I had to say.

After this experience with this man, I continued to preach the gospel to people that passed by me. They were coming and going from the conference center and it was a great time to witness the truths of the gospel to them. My focus was on Jesus and that we need to follow Him and not prophets. That only Jesus can save us and not man. How we ought to be seeking the Lord daily through reading the Bible and praying often, then would the Lord start to use us in His kingdom. It was also taught that Jesus loves them and wants to lead them in His truth. After preaching on these things and making Jesus the center point of the discussion, a young lady came up to me. She told me how grateful she was to see someone like me, proclaiming the truthfulness of Jesus and His gospel to people. It was then that we started having a great conversation, which led her to understand better why I go on the streets and it is too lead people to Christ and to see more people saved. How there are many people that don’t make Jesus a priority in their life, and I wished to help them discover Him in a brand new light. In saying this, she agreed and was so interested in everything I had to say.

Later, as after I had been talking to this young lady for some time, an older lady came up to us. She was very excited about the conference and would not stop talking about how much she loved her prophets. She even got a letter back from a prophet that she was bragging about. With her, the Spirit led me to pray with her. I felt that only God could lead her and this other young lady out of the Mormon faith, so that is why I asked her if we could pray with her. When I say we, I mean the other Mormon lady I was talking with, to which she said yes. So we both prayed over her. In the prayer did I ask God to lead her to the truth of the gospel. That the Lord God help her understand the importance of relying on Him and not other men that appear righteous. I asked that God would show her the truth and that she would follow it. While praying, I also asked that the other lady would also be blessed by God and be led by His hand also. It was a wonderful prayer and time to be with them. It was soon after this that they both had to leave, of which I gave them both my devotional cards. The young lady specifically was very interested in staying in touch and learning more about what I had to say. Praise God for the time I had with them. It was truly a time that only God could have prepared.

It was later on the day that I saw a young man that was standing against the side of the Temple Square wall. He seemed to be interested in what the street preachers were saying, so I thought I could shed some light on what he was hearing. Of which I was able to share the gospel message of the cross and resurrections. How Jesus is who we should be following and not prophets. We talked for some time and he also took the Mormon Teachings pamphlet that I had created. After I talked with this man, another man in his twenties, who was once a missionary, was interested in a discussion. With him, I was able to share my experience of being a mission once before as well. And also the reasons why I left the church. How Jesus changed my life when deciding to leave what was false, in order to be saved. Our discussion went very well, and he also left while taking a pamphlet with him. As we all got on the train together, there was a young woman who was very interested in the gospel, of which we were able to talk with and pray with before she had to get off. Then, after getting off the train, we were walking past this library and saw a man who was holding his ear. We asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn’t hear out of it, but only a ringing sound. So immediately, we put our hands on his head and prayed that He would be healed. Of which afterward, he was. Praise God. He told us that he could hear! And he starting jumping up and down, as he went down the street.

There were so many people that we were able to witness to this day. One being another young man, who we also become Facebook friends with afterwards. He was very ripe for the harvest and wanted to learn more after the trip ended. I also passed out more of the Mormon Teachings That don’t agree with the Bible handouts. Praise God for this day and for leading me, Patrick, Luis, to talk to many people about the gospel.

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