Utah Mission Trip (10/08/18)

What is true is the Jesus paid for our sins on the cross and not Gethsemane, as the Bible teaches. That Deacons are to have one wife like Bishops, as the Bible teaches.

Utah Mission Trip (10/07/18)

Why is it that God cursed the white people of the Book of Mormon and caused them to have black skin when the God of the Bible doesn’t care about the outside appearance?

Utah Mission Trip (10/06/18)

We shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, particularly the importance of the cross and how Jesus paid the price for our sins.

Utah Mission Trip (10/04/18)

I pray that many people will come to faith and for those that have known God, will come back to Him. We give this trip to God.

The Bible Is God’s Word

Because people cannot always be trusted, do not let them tell you that God’s Word is also found outside the Bible, in other books.

Rescued From The Mormon Church

Only through God can we be safe in this life. Through Him and His Words, in the Bible, we can know what is truth and be led safely on His path, that leads to heaven.

Joseph Smith Exposed

Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Joseph Smith Translation

The Mormons don’t always mention the Joseph Smith Translation (JST) book, per say. However, they do reference it in all their KJV Bible’s.

Book Of Mormon: Examining 5 Things

The Book of Mormon (BOM) is said to be the most correct book on earth, according to Mormons. For that reason, let us put it to the test.

Friday Night Evangelizing (04/20/18)

As she was telling us her story, I knew that the Lord could help her. As these thoughts came into my mind, Chris asked if we could pray with her, which she accepted.

Witnessing To Mormons At The Door

I continued to talk with the couple and explained that the Bible clearly states, in Revelation, that if you add or take away from God’s Word that your name will be removed from the Book of Life.

Friday Night Evangelizing (01/12/18)

As we walked along the streets, many people took our handouts, including the Gospel of John and Gospel Tracks. Some people were not so interested but others were ever so grateful.

Friday Night Evangelizing (01/05/18)

When Jesus died on the cross, He was the last offering for sin. We can now be forgiven by the blood of Jesus. After sharing this, he agreed upon this.