Utah Mission Trip (10/06/18)

I am so grateful to be in Utah. The harvest is so ripe and it is the best time to be here. With the LDS General Conference under way, it has brought thousands of people to the Salt Lake City Temple. Once parked, the three of us walked around the Temple grounds and saw swarms of people, just coming and going. There had to be thousands of people just waiting to enter the conference center for General Conference. And the best part is, these same people have been open to questions and conversations. At first, I thought that preaching would get their attention but I soon found out that these lost people are easier to engage than I thought. Patrick and I simply started asking people if they knew about the cross and where Jesus paid the price for our sins, while holding a cross, and that opened up many great opportunities to hear their responses and also have meaningful conversation. Through this, we were able to talk to several unique individuals and pray with one of them. Also, by hanging out next to other Christians that held up signs, this helped us engage with more people. One man, we were able to talk to for about an hour and a half, and at the end, he said he would do his own research on the things we brought up as soon as he gets home. We even met up with him in the food court and he immediately greeted us with a hug. After eating lunch, we met up with two guys, whom were very cordial in how they talked with us. It was amazing how Christlike they acted around us. And because of this, our conversation went wonderfully well and we even hugged each other at the end.

As the day went on, we talked to and passed out many tracts and devotional cards. But lastly, we talked with this very open young man on a bike. after introducing ourselves, we found out that he wasn’t of any particular religion but was exploring different options. After hearing this, we shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, particularly the importance of the cross and how Jesus paid the price for our sins. We explained that those that believe in Him can have all their sins forgiven and be saved in heaven. We taught that we all die and will eventually go to heaven or hell. As we shared these things with him, you could tell that he was really listening. He also related some of his beliefs with Buddhism and such. Lastly, we mentioned that although there is much evidence to the Christian faith and that some things may seem hard to take in, that it is all true. If he would just add the Bible and prayer to his exploration in life, he could find out the truth for himself. We later prayed for him and explained how to pray. It was an amazing experience in every way. Before we left, this man ran up to us. He could not get over our enthusiasm to share the gospel. He also introduced us to a Mormon Apologist. On our walk back, this same man walked with us and had a lot to say. It was awesome to see how interested he was in talking with us and learning the truth of God. I give God all the glory for this day. God be praised for giving me and Patrick these divine experiences and for allowing Kevin to pray and pass out many tracts to people.

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