Saturday Door Knocking (03/30/24)

Today I went out knocking doors with my friend Richard, and both doors had Mormons answer. First, there was Mark…

We talked about Joseph Smith’s false prophecies, and how he said that Jesus would return in 1891, which never happened.  How, he said that New Jerusalem would be built and dedicated by his hand, which never happened.  I then brought him to Revelation 21:1,2, where it says that New Jerusalem will not be built but come down from heaven.  At the same time, he mentioned three degrees of glory. However, I explained that we have no idea what the new heaven will be like other than a few passages in Revelation 21 and others.  So, we shouldn’t assume that there will be levels in heaven.  We also explained the Trinity to him.  How in scripture (Genesis 1:26) it says God is made up of three distinct persons.  How there is only one God, and that we become children of God through faith in Jesus.  Where in the resurrection we are like unto angels who are single, but that we will recognize saved people we knew in this life. The Holy Spirit put so much upon mine and Richard’s heart as we declared the truth of Jesus.  How our faith in Him saves us, where God is able to now lead us by the Holy Spirit.  Lastly, I shared with him that in Mark 16:16, what damns a person is not the lack of baptism but the lack of faith.  I did ask if he wanted a copy of the “Book of Mormon Contradictions” Book, and he said no.  However, he did take other handouts for the Compass Bible church, and we exchanged numbers also.

Lastly, we talked to Greg. As it is Easter weekend, we brought up the gospel message. How Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the grave. I asked him to tell me what the gospel was before I explained it, but he could only think of the resurrection. It was then that we helped him understand that through Jesus’s death we receive the atonement, per Romans 5:11.  So, the things he was taught about a garden atonement are false. That Jesus sweat like blood, and the atonement for sins took place on the cross alone. I explained that our beliefs should be founded on the Bible.  That in Revelation 22:18,19, it refers to not adding to this prophecy and not the Bible.  In explaining that, I showed him the “Joseph Smith Translation: Revelation” handout, which indicates all the places Joseph Smith changed the Bible.  He saw this and said the King James was corrupt and Joseph needed to fix it. Unfortunately, this is what Mormons have been taught.  I asked him if he wanted that handout, and he said no.
These were divine encounters from God.  Thank You, Jesus, for leading us to Mark and Greg today!
God bless you all.

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