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Book: Book Of Mormon Plagiarism Published: January 2, 2024 Pages: 302 (Kindle), 300 (Paperback)
Why are so many verses in the Book of Mormon taken from the King James Bible? For example, verses from the Book of Isaiah are found all throughout this book. One argument for this, is that Lehi and his family left Jerusalem 100 years after Isaiah died, so they could have his writings. This would make sense if the writings were on scrolls, but instead they are on plates of brass. The Isaiah Scrolls were discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls. According to the findings, people were writing on scrolls and not brass plates. So to say that the Book of Isaiah was written down on plates makes you wonder if Mormons ever heard of the Dead Sea scrolls. We have evidence that this book and other old writings were recorded on ancient scrolls and stored in various types of jars. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to have the Book of Isaiah written on brass plates. And what about the golden plates for the Book of Mormon?

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