Book Of Mormon Contradiction: 2 Nephi 29:3,6 – Part 1

Those who have researched the word “Bible” would know that it was coined around 223 AD. This is when a collection of the Old and New Testament books came together. Since this time, Christians have not given into other so-called scriptures. However, one such group of religious people called Mormons like to give Christians a hard time because we believe in sola scriptura. This is because they think you have to also have their Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, and Doctrine and Covenants also. And so they call us foolish for thinking that all we need is the Bible. I’ve even had missionaries and other Mormons use different verses from their Book of Mormon to make their point. Here is one of those so-called verses. It reads, “and because my words shall hiss forth—many of the Gentiles shall say: A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible.” (2 Nephi 29:3) There is a big problem with this verse since the Bible had not yet been put together yet. So nobody would have even known about the word Bible at around 559 to 545 BC, as the summary of this chapter says. However, the words, “word of God”, was made known. “Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.” (Proverbs 30:5)

Another verse in 2 Nephi, chapter 29, says something similar and reads, “thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews?” (2 Nephi 29:6) Now, Mormons would like to tell you that this is a prophecy given to Nephi from God about the Bible in the future, and how people will say they don’t need anything but the Bible. However, this is simply an evil tactic put in the Book of Mormon from Joseph Smith. Here is the thing, the more people read these verses, the more they will appreciate their need for more books outside the Bible. So yes, Joseph Smith did lead millions of people astray into trusting in other books outside the Bible for wisdom. Satan is the leader in this cultish teaching for sure. When I was a Mormon, while growing up in it until 2012 when I left, I would read these verses and laugh at people who thought all they needed was the Bible. Oh, how things are different now. Truly, these two verses have caused Mormons to become so hard-hearted. Thankfully, there are still some people who are ready to receive the gospel in the Bible. Lastly, know that the Bible says, “add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” (Proverbs 30:6) Amen.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that people will not be swindled into believing a false gospel. But for those who are already lost in a false religion, I pray that some of them will come out of it still. I know that once a person is involved in cults like Mormonism, it is almost impossible for them to even hear Your message, let alone receive it and be saved. Truly, what they have been taught all their life appears to them more true than anything else we can share with them. Just knowing this causes most evangelists to not waste their time talking to Mormons. This is very sad, for You have done a mighty work through Patrick and me these many years while in Salt Lake City Utah. Out of the millions of people who live there, hundreds of people have heard the gospel message of the cross and resurrection. Have they come out of their false religion? We will never know for sure. So, Lord, I pray that salvation will come when I and other Christians reach Mormons with the true gospel message of the Bible. Open their eyes to Your truths. I only wish to see more souls go to heaven while doing Your work on earth. Help us in these efforts. If the Holy Spirit is not with us, nothing good will take place. I trust in You, Lord. I love You. All the glory and praise to Your Holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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