I Was Once A Critic Of This Site

I admit when I was a Mormon I am one of your critics but now let’s help each other to help other Mormons out. The article on temples that mentions the new name got me thinking. It is now a very strange thing I see done in their temples. I’ve also read articles and the article on Jared was very clear. I learn a lot from reading this article and others.

A Message From The Founder: I give God thanks for this awesome review. Reviews like this motivates me to continue to write on the topic of Mormonism, in order to lead people to Christ. I am truly blessed to know that people are coming to know and follow Jesus because of what they are reading, listening to, and watching. This is amazing to hear and I pray that many more people find out about "Christianity Versus Mormonism". Always remember that only Jesus saves, not religion. God bless you. -Paul Gee   Submit Your Website Review Today!

November 19, 2023
by Lorenz Jay L Maglente
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