Book Of Mormon Contradictions

Author: Paul Gee

Conclusion (BOMC)

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I have addressed various contradictions in the Book of Mormon, but my intention was never to promote atheism. Rather, my goal was to emphasize the importance of coming to Jesus for salvation. The Bible is our foundation for truth.  That is why I tried and tested different verses of the Book of Mormon with the Biblical text. The Bible is our foundation for truth. I read the Book of Mormon, as LDS Missionaries have asked me to.  I then went through the chapters in this book and began to see some things I agreed with and other things I did not. This was only the case since I used the Bible as my form of reference.  I compared verses with the Biblical text, and it was easy to see how the Book of Mormon is not of God. I was glad to find parts in the text that talk about the lake of fire, the Trinity, worshiping Jesus, and more. It was interesting to see that Mormons are against those teachings when their book is for them. I am not adding to the Book of Mormon by saying this.

There were other verses I would disagree with as the teachings contradict the theology taught in the Bible. How we are not saved by faith alone in Jesus, people need to be baptized to be saved, Gentiles are not the lost sheep, and more. These are man-made doctrines that go against the Bible.  I have addressed many other things that are not Biblical, of which the Book of Mormon teaches. Therefore, it is right to put it aside and stop reading it. At this point, consider that the Bible is still true. Too many people stop believing in Jesus after leaving the Mormon church and this is sad. So, after acknowledging that the Book of Mormon is false, what does a person do from here? My prayer is that people will give their lives to Jesus and be saved. If only people would deny what is false and allow Jesus to be their teacher, God can move in their lives. Humility is required for this. Our faith in Jesus produces good works. The works we produce without God are filthy rags in his sight. So, allow the Holy Spirit to lead you.

Our journey on earth may come to an end today.  This is a harsh reality that we all must think about.  This life is short and when everything is all said and done, our spirits will either go to a place called paradise or hell.  You might be asking, but what does this have to do with this book?  It has everything to do with it.  I prayed for people to come to Jesus in every chapter and meant it. If you are a Mormon, then I was praying for you also. The LDS church may not be true, but Jesus is still God, and the Bible is still His Word.  If you allow Him into your life, you will be forgiven through the blood he shed for us on the cross.  There have always been false teachers that have tried to drive people away from God and His truth.  But today is the day of salvation.  Set aside the Book of Mormon and allow the Lord to be Your teacher.   It is not about religion but a relationship with Jesus that saves. If Jesus doesn’t know you, then you are not welcome in His kingdom. Come to know the Lord and He will lead you safely home. Amen.

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