Utah Mission Trip (10/02/20)

The first night of the mission trip to Utah was all about worshipping our Lord Jesus. A small group of people came together in Judda’s house, and the message and worship were amazing. The fire of God was imparted upon us. As we worshipped the Lord God Almighty, thoughts like, “Come and worship Jesus, our Messiah. He is our Savior, Lord, God, and King. He deserves our praise.” and “Jesus, my love. You are so beautiful. I love to dwell in Your presence. I worship You, my King.” came upon me. All I wanted to do what worship my King. I give glory to the Lord for this night and this mission trip. Hands were laid upon me and Patrick’s heads and body this evening also, as people prayed over us. We were sent off by this group into the harvest with the power of God bestowed upon us from on high.

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