Write Out How God Impacts Your Daily Life

  • How did God take you from a life of darkness into His light?
  • Have you felt God walking by your side in trials?
  • Were there times or places when God met you in your life?
  • Share how God impacts you for the better in your daily walk with Him.
  • How has your love changed for one another?
  • Has God’s forgiveness helped you more easily forgive one another?
  • Have you seen healing in your life or the life of others?
  • Have you seen people come to Christ and how their life has changed?
  • Do you feel The hand of God guiding your life?
  • Have you ever felt tested by God and how has that impacted your life?
  • How is the gospel message good news in your life?
  • What have been the outcomes of prayer in your life?
  • Explain the kindness God has shown towards your life.
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